The Head Office and the Purchase and Technical Department are both located in Trieste – Italy. Sim.Co.Interiors staff, with specialized people on management, skilled people at the Purchase Department and a powerful engineering office, in complete synergy, guarantees maximum competence in the overall process of implementation of any project. Sim.Co.Interiors high-performance staff is also responsible for and coordinates a network of italian companies, so it provides selected primal resources and tailor custom-made works. With production supervision, quality control, outfitting and products installation, Sim.Co.Interiors assists the customer on every step of the procedure.


Sim.Co.Interiors can offer its clients the maximum flexibility while conducting any project. It can adapt to possible real-time requirements made by the clients, or it can perform operating on the spot with a specific team assigned for a specific treatment of the required task.
After many years of activity on the markets, Sim.Co.Interiors has created a network of collaborations and partnerships, with subcontractors and suppliers, for production as well as installations services, so that it can offer a range of workload suitable to each task requested by an assigned work.